My appetizers change according to the sea, orchards, gardens and season whim. You will enjoy these little bites. They are seductive, easy and especially tasty. They are intended to be the preamble of a good meal and a better table talk.

    • Fun assortment of cheeses and salted foods. 9-14€
    • Feast grilled crayfish (Nephrops norveginus) from fish market.4€ (3 Unit)
    • Red tuna sashimi with ginger and lime. 7-14€
    • Crunchy prawns in sweet chilli sauce. 3,50 € (2Unit)
    • Stuffed sea urchin. San Francisco style. 3,60 € (Unit)
    • Lobster Usuzukuri, ponzu sauce, bamboo and pearls. 8-13€
    • Toro-burger of tune, New Delhi style. 3,80 € (Unit)
    • Grilled razor shell. 4 € (3Unit)
    • Potatoes “ brava” in our style. 7-12€
    • Homemade croquettes: mushroom with truffle, rice with baked chicken suppli and stew croquettes. 2,50€/U
    • Artichoke in crispy tempura with truffle cream. 7-13€
    • Chocolate with foie bonbons. 3,50 € (Unit)
    • Tataki Kobe-Wagyu ox from Santa Rosalia estate. 9-13€(Unit)
    • Carpaccio of Iberic prey in applesauce. 7-12€(Unit)
    • Acorn Iberic pork tenderloin in Kimchi Koreano. 9-15€ (Unit)
    • Steak tartar little toast of Galician caw with trout roe. 3, 50 € (Unit). 2 units minimum.
    • Escalibada (bell pepper, aubergine, onion) stone baked, cheese and nameko. 8-13 €
    • Sprout salad, Valencian tomato and more. 8-14€
    • Zucchini horizontal salad and pickles with tagine dressing. 8-14€
    • Tomato salad with tuna belly. 7-13€
    • Our Iberian Niguiri. 2, 40 € (Unit). 2 units minimum.
    • Kebab snack of blanquet (typical Valencian sausage). 2, 60 € (Unit).
    • Tiger milk cocktail and wild Codium. 3, 80 € (Unit). 2 units minimum.
    • Gold selection anchovy with seasonal tomato. 2, 8€ (Unit)
    • Sea anemones in tempura with mojo picón. 9-14€
    • Steamed cockle from Cambados estuary (from October to May). 9-14€
    • Wild scallop in leek teriyaki. 5€ (Unit)
    • Grilled back of XL crayfish. 8,50€ (Unit)
    • Squid in wok with sesame, celery, pakchoi, worked until umami. 9-14€
    • Natural or with Sudachi Gillardeau oysters. 4€ (Unit)
    • Pure acorn ham knife sliced. 17€
    • Rosemary mature sheep cheese. 5-9€
    • Sautéed of boletus, truffle, horn of plenty and gizzard. . 9-15€


    • “A banda” (fish broth). Classical one with or without seaweed. 11€
    • Dainty paella broth with figatell (flatten meatball) and chickpeas. 11€
    • Juicy and subtle with codfish, spinach and raisins. 12€
    • Light with vegetables, Middle Eastern style. 11€
    • Delicious with Echiré butter, green peas and parmesan. 11€
    • Surprising with mushroom assortment: boletus, horn of plenty, scotch bounet and foie. 13€
    • Creamy with sea urchin and dried tomato. 13€
    • Traditional with stew meat. 13€
    • Mountain style with grilled chicken. 13€

In our most startling creations, rice is protagonist. Cooked in the Valencian coast style, our proposals are appealing, luscious and categorical.

    • With monkfish, shrimps and limoncello. 12€
    • With brown crab and ginger aroma. 12€
    • with crab and beluga lentil.12€
    • Marine honeyed rice with boletus edulis and wild asparagus. 12€
    • With Iberic pork, potatoes and chards. 12€
    • Honeyed Valencian paella. 11€
    • With lobster. 16€


    • With lobster. 16€
    • Paella “Del senyoret”. Rice in fish broth. 14€
    • Valencian paella by my style. 13€
    • With seasonal vegetables. 13€
    • With cabbage, cod and Katsubushi. 15 €
    • With poultry chicken and wild rabbit. 15 €
    *Ordered one hour in advance minimum

Wealth is under the sea and also on the land.

    • Galician veal sirloin. (120-180 g) 14-17€
    • Braised veal cheeks. 14 €

The best three sirloins in the world
Treated with love and respect to turn it into a goldsmith treasure…

    • Ox Wagyu Kobe style. Bred in Burgos. (160 g) 34€
    Juiciness, tenderness and savouriness. Said to be the best meat in the world.

    • Angus. Bred in Scotland. (160 g) 27€
    Just the right proportion of infiltrated fat for an unsurpassable flavour, a fine texture and an exceptional tenderness. Said to be the second best meat in the world.

    • Pasture ox. (160 g) 26€
    This is the mythical and unique ox from Leon, Spain. Vega Sicilia Group.
    It’s a red and slightly streaky meat. Said to be the best meat in Spain and the third best in the world.

According to the auction… Directly from the sea to the pan

    • Steamed loin codfish. 13€
    • Grilled tuna belly. (120-180g) 14-17€
    • Loin of hook corvine from the Mediterranean Sea. 15€

Selection of chocolate, fresh butter…creaminess, acidity, and a lot of scent. And sugar of course!

    • Box of 20 dark chocolate bonbons. 19€
    • Sensory travel chest. 18€. Four bars of grands crus pures origines, Madagascar Republica Dominicana BAHIBE TAINORI TANARIVA MANJARI.
    • Pearls pack Grue PUR Ghana 60 gr. 5€
    • Pack mini orangettes. 60 gr. 5€
    • Pack almond and hazelnut milk chocolate. 5€
    • Delicious Maresme strawberries sorbet with or withour cava 3.5-5€
    • Delicious yuzu and citronella sorbet with or withour cava 3.5-5€
    • Seasonal Macedonia (fruit salad) with or without ice cream. 3.80-4.80€
    • Nougat ice cream with petazetas (popping candy),. 4.50€
    • Natural vanilla ice cream with toasted almond and fig.4,50€
    • English candy ice cream with fresh fruit. 4,50€
    • Valrhona Guanaja dark chocolate ice cream 4,50€
    • Yoghurt ice cream with fruits of the forest. 4,50€
    • Cinnamon ice cream with little cinnamon sticks. 4,50€
    • Chewing gum ice cream. 4,5 €
    • Classic lemon and meringue tart. 4.80€
    • Grandma cake: biscuits soaked with coffee, butter and chocolate. 4,80€
    • Chocolate pie with a variety of textures and intensity. 5.20€
    • Apple pie with yogurt ice cream. 4,80€
    • Russian pie with hazelnut and caramel ice cream. 4,80€
    • Torrija with coconut milk and caramelized with Kirst. 5€
    • Chocolate forest (panatone, sacher, chocolate ice cream and ganache). 5,5€
    • Sheep Manchego cheese. 3€
    • Wines for dessert: (Vi de gel, Tokaji, Casta Diva, PX)